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Maya Fey
29 August 2029 @ 08:13 pm

Good? Bad? Too pushy? NOT PERKY ENOUGH?
Complaints, suggestions, etc. are all welcomed! Anonymouse okay, screened and no loggin'.

Plotting and contacting is welcome here, too. You can also AIM me up at evercelle!

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Maya Fey
20 September 2009 @ 11:11 pm
if you're bored like I'm bored! No? Anyone wanna play a game anyway??

We at Wright & Co. value the truth a lot, yanno, so--Mia taught me this game! It's "Two Truths and a Lie". You tell two truths and one lie, and everyone else has to guess which one's fake. Simple, right?

I think it's a pretty common game, though... so let's change it up a little? If you get caught, you have to take a penalty dare from the first person who catches you! Though I guess if you're on a different boat, you can't really check, huh.


  1. My favorite character in "Steel Samurai" is the Evil Magistrate!
  2. I've been accused and arrested for murder!
  3. I've beaten an undefeated champion at festival burger-eating contest!

[ooc: OKAY that was kind of dumb i gotta get up earlyish so I'll respond tmrw morning/day *A*]
Maya Fey
Who: Maya Fey (burgersplzthx), Klavier Gavin (rockinthetrial) & whoever drops in 8Db
Where: Phoenix Wright's room on the Vongola ship
Why: Nick bought a bag of Bombchus, which Maya promptly got her hands on and accidentally set off in his room. And now has to do damage control.
When: The night of this post!
Rating: uhh pretty much G, I guess?

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Maya Fey
13 September 2009 @ 02:32 pm
Alriiiiighty! Anybody on the Vongola ship/sub--who's up for a nice, rousing game of KICKBALL?

Smoker and Lavi are gathering up Marines to play, so unless we get some more players, Smoker's gonna have to lend us some--and that's like losing already in team spirit!

Toboe, Haru, Gokudera--Lavi told me you're interested, right? Anyone else wanna play with us?

Brooke, you're kinda like a temporary member... I bet you could round the bases reeeeaally fast if you played!

Edit: Cool People Who Play Kickball!
Nick (you have no choice, Nick!!)

Time's a-wastin'! Join up!
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Maya Fey
06 September 2009 @ 10:33 pm
Captain Tsuna, thanks so much for letting me come on board! The crabs were tasty, but I dunno how long I could've lasted on that island.

HEY, everyone else--I'm Maya Fey, Ace Legal Aide and Spirit Medium Extraordinaire! Now that Nick finally picked me up, we're back in business! Have you been framed for gruesome homicide? Found holding the murder weapon?! Woken up in a pool of the victim's blood??! Well, Wright & Co. law offices is now 100% staffed again and ready to defend you!!

...oh, Nick! I hope somebody's watering Charley back home...